Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Which Is More Popular Diamond Or Pearl

Diamonds and pearls are the most popular gems on the planet. It is very hard to distinguish which one is more famous. Diamonds and pearls are both expensive gems that are widely used to make different types of diamond and Pearl jewellery.The diamond is considered to be the symbol of indestructible and everlasting love and the pearl is considered the symbol of purity.

Diamonds are the hardest substance and are created by intense heat and pressure. The thing about diamonds though is there needs to be a sculptor. A diamond is only valuable when it is sculpted by the work of a man’s hands. Where as A pearl is a hard object which is created by living organism. A pearl is made up of calcium carbonate in minute crystalline form, which has been deposited in concentric layers of oyster.Diamonds can be extremely expensive, although the price of the diamond depends on how well-cut it is. A diamond can be cut into several different shapes, such as heart, round, square or oblong shapes. A pearl’s natural shape is round, and it cannot be cut into different shapes, but there can be a difference in the sizes of the pearls.

Diamond prices are measured and decided upon based on carats. The higher the number of carats the diamond is rated, the costlier the diamond will be. Color is also an important factor in diamonds, as some of the most expensive diamonds have a rare color, for example, pink diamonds. Pink diamonds are extremely rare and costly. The price of pearls is determined by the rarity of that kind of pearl, and its luster. A good natural pearl will have a high luster, which cannot be imitated or artificially created.


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