Friday, 24 August 2012

Online Stores Vs Physical Stores

In this fast paced world where people have to juggle between work and family, online stores are a blessing and reach customers globally. Online stores large and small are learning to be effective e-commerce players. There is a tremendous turnover in the online shopping industry and the volume is only expected to increase. The opportunity to shop 24x7 with several brands and products to choose from is truly amazing. Shopping is done way faster avoiding crowds, traffic jam in a convenient and hassle free way. Unnecessary expenditures like petrol, impulsive shopping and eating out can be curtailed. Another fascinating thing about online stores is the lower prices. There are fewer employees and fewer overheads, so they pass the discounts to us. Sending gifts to your near and dear ones no matter where they live is just a click away with online stores. The joy of seeing your products delivered at your doorstep is priceless.

Physical stores offer face to face customer experience. Getting out of the house helps us to socialize with known or unknown people. Walking down to nearby stores or walking up and down the aisles of the big department stores helps with our exercise. We live in the generation that wants things immediately. The feeling of actually seeing, holding and trying the product before you buy is definitely different.

One of the few drawbacks against online shopping is the difficulty in getting your purchases immediately. Smaller day to day purchases are cheaper buying at a local store. To keep the customers happy big physical stores are thinking out of the box ideas like special discounts during holidays and festivals, attractive gift offers, periodical bargain shopping, membership points. Major drawbacks of shopping at the physical store are the time and the space factor. Stocking large quantities of each item in the warehouse is close to impossible. Consequently many big box spaces are now empty. Physical stores are feeling the pinch as online stores account for a rapidly increasing share of the retail market.


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