Friday, 24 August 2012

Online Shopping Safety Tips

When we shopping online, we always think can it is safe to input your credit card into a web site and shop online? First, consider that most tracking occurs by and for advertisers.  It is created by companies and carried out only with the collaboration of a series of other companies.  Annoying? Possibly. But criminal? No although theoretically the tracking tools that you undoubtedly have on your computer would allow unauthorized capture of your credit card number as you type it in to a Web site form, it just doesn’t make sense for advertisers to disrupt the system for a relatively small amount of money.

Second, remember that your financial liability from misuse of your credit or debit card number is small to none. With credit cards,  if someone steals your number but not your card, you have no liability at all.  Since online shopping never evolves your physical card, you have no financial exposure if someone steals your credit number and uses it.
Third,  the truly dangerous thing about online shopping has absolutely nothing to with your own computer.  There has never been a case where someone’s credit card number was stolen while an order was being placed. When you input sensitive information into a web p age,  chances are very good that the seller has programmed its site to offer you protection by encrypting any data that you’re sending it—a web page that will encrypt information as it travels the Internet is identified by an icon of a key or lock in the bottom corner of your browser window.
More importantly, you are protected by sheer randomness.  Of all the trillions of bits being shot back and forth over the Internet at any one time, what are the odds that someone is going to tag the ones coming from you? Most thieves will concentrate their efforts on bigger fish.

So, The internet is a great place to do business, but only if it’s safe.  Now so many people have access to the Internet and digital TV, it’s becoming easier and simpler to shop without leaving your home.  However you need to take some special precautions when buying goods and services online.


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