Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ancient Indian Jewellery

Ancient Indian jewelry are found in various excavations. The ancient Indian jewelry comprises of many gold coins, pearl jewellery and beaded jewelry, used by the various dynasties. Ancient Indian jewelry is the one made from the Indus valley civilization, till the Gandhara & the Sunga dynasty. Jewelry in Moghul Period displays very attractive designs, since these patterns contain the intricate designs, which were not only famous in that era, but even till date. Infact, most of the minute jewelry patterns in the recent ages have also been inspired by the Moghul jewelry.

Ancient Indian people made jewelry by hand out of items they found in nature, such as seeds, feathers, flowers, berries, animal bones, leaves and animal teeth. They used these items to make intricate jewelry pieces, according to the Crafts in Indian website. Some tribal communities in India now still make these types of jewelry.Ancient Indian Jewellery was generally made of natural materials like feathers, seeds, leaves, flowers, animal bones, and claws. Even today, these types of jewellery are worn by various tribal people.

Indian jewellery has its own history. The most fascinating and extravagant comes from Rajasthan in the north and Hyderabad in the south. The simply stunning Golconda diamonds, pearls and emeralds were used in the jewelry that graced the Hyderabadi nobility. The popular stones like uncut rubies, navratanas and popular emeralds came from Rajasthan. Pieces with large size colored precious and semi precious stone are the rage. Lot of similarity in witnessed in the designs from Hyderabad and Rajasthan.Jewellery of India had a huge variety of ornaments. Ancient jewellery was the result of the first step of experimentation with jewellery. Although ancient jewellery has been replaced to a large extent by modern forms of ornaments, yet the strong influence of ancient jewellery can still be seen in the intricacies of modern jewellery.


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