Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Impact Of E-commerce On Market

Now ,In present era  everyone  acquainted  with  e-commerce. First  we  to know what is e-commerce?The  simplest    answer  is  electronic  commerce.In  general we  can  say  that  in  e- commerce   we all  doing  the work  through  internet like  people  purchase  or  sell their  goods  through   internet  or  doing  transaction  using  internet. The   sites  related  to  ecommerce  are  ebay.com, amazon, mp3.com  or  so  many.We  can  also  say  that  it  is  a business  in  new  and  efficient  way. The  best  example  of  ecommerce  is  online  banking.The  popularity  of  ecommerce  only  because  of their  positive  points.The  points  are  instant  delivery  because  it  is  digital. The  purchasing  price  decrease,and  the  most  important  is  it  can  work  24  hour of  a  day. Nowadays  it  not  be  uses  on  that  much  because  some  of  the  customer  do not  want  to  change  yourself  they  believe  in  traditional  marketing  and  also large  amount  of  marketing  is  also  not  possible  here. Some  people  think  how they  purchase  their  material  without  seen  or touch.But in  present  days  it  spreaded   very  fast. In coming  days its play  a important  role  in  the  market. Everyone’s will acquainted with  this.In  the  era  of 4GB  it  is  important. For  giving the knowledge  about  ecommerce to the  people  it  comes under    the  subject  of Students.

In  metro  cities  it  highly uses  but  in  rural  area  it  not  comes  under  existence. Now   people are trying to  use it  in  every  places. In these  we  seen  the   goods  in  web  pages. The  many  software  developer  are working  to  design  the  web  pages  and  also  for  giving  the  security  to  their  transaction.
Only   the  authorized  and certified  businessman  can take  participant so that  we can  say  that  it  is  secure. There are so many E-commerce website from where people  can  do online shopping and buy  the  good  and  services  at  any  time, at  any  place, at  low  cost. The  best  example  is  real shoppee where you can  purchase  the pearl jewellery and many other product and services and  doing  the  online  transaction. So, use full  benefit  of  ecommerce  and enjoy  your  life.


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