Sunday, 2 September 2012

Online Shopping and Jewelry

Jewellery is the largest selling product online and every four minutes a jewellry piece is sold in India according to research. The purchasing trend is different according to geographical areas. Although a majority of jewelry sellers have their own websites, they tend to neglect the importance of promoting their websites. It is believed that many people have the habit of doing online research about the products they are about to purchase. If jewelry sellers could add sufficient information about their jewelry items they put on their websites, customers are more likely to be attracted by the jewelry items. Jewellery portals have also given customers a new way of fine gifting. While jewellery mostly pearl jewellery is one of the best loved gifts for most women, time and distance makes it a little difficult for people to gift it to their beloved. With online jewellery shops in place it's easy for anyone to pick a piece of jewellery and get it sent as a gift to anyone in any part of the country.

As trusted online jewellery shop most of the time make free delivery of the product. And along with the free shipping facilities they make their respective customers available with different offers, that are in the favor of customer interest. As such offers make you friendly with the website and due to such products you find that website economical to you. Before ordering for the product get all the related information of the product. You can communicate them via e-mails and customer care services. Make sure that the jewellery you select possess high durability and a perfect quality. As jewellery with high quality always remain with high luster it does not leave its charm too easily. If you select product with high durability it will surely make a timeless jewellery. However you must select the timeless metal and gemstone of the jewellery.

Today, the Indian Online retail market is estimated to be around 20 billion and is growing phenomenally. Sources confirm that jewellery forms a major chunk of online sales on most of the big retail portals. As of today, the online jewellery market in US is around $30 Billion. If such can be the figures in US, the jewellery crazy India can rest assured of a great future too.  There are a number of reasons why online retail , especially those in high-value products hasn't really performed as expected. There are back-end issues, lack of creative incentives offered to the consumer and consumer behaviour in India, who require way more personalised attention than in the west.


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